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    Field calls automatically, learning from every conversation to improve its performance


    Integrates with your call center software seamlessly, requiring no IT changes


    Built-in security defends enterprise and customer data, and protects privacy

    At Metaworld Corp, we believe that AI and machine learning are transforming the way businesses operate and compete in today's rapidly evolving landscape. Our innovative and scalable solutions can help you harness the power of these technologies and stay ahead of the curve.

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    Are wait times and unresolved calls letting your customers down? In today’s marketplace, an outstanding call center experience will elevate your brand and drive repeat business. With Agent NLP, you can better meet your customers needs and wants by having a real voice interact with them.

    Designed for any enterprise with a call center, Agent NLP acts as an agent, integrating seamlessly into your current call center software platform on day one, with no changes required. Agent NLP logs in and starts answering calls immediately, resolving the most common customer pain points and learning from each conversation as it goes.

    Created by a world-class team of experts, Agent NLP uses natural language AI and advanced machine learning to deliver significant business results.

    Turn frustration into fantastic. 66 percent of customers are often frustrated BEFORE they call for support and 34 percent of customers that do call will never call back.

    Retain your customers cost-effectively. Acquiring new customers is said to cost five times more than the retaining existing customers.

    Eliminate long hold times. Provide more accurate and efficient customer support that converts new customers and increases repeat business.

    Cut costs at you scale up! Cut soaring employee retention and training costs while boosting your customer satisfaction scores.

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